Tianyu Metallurgical Equipment (Hangzhou)Co.,Ltd (TYMC)

Project List(Furnace Volume 230m³~480m³)

Customers List(Furnace Volume 230m³~480m³)
Company Name    Furnace   VolumeDate
Qinhuangdao Anfeng Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd480M³2013.04
Shandong Shouguang Juneng Special Steel Co.,Ltd480M³2013.05
Roll No.1 Group480M³2013.11
Xingyuan Group480M³2015.10
Xingyuan Group480M³2016.04
Wuan Yuhua Steel Co., Ltd480M³2016.11
Shaanxi Hanzhong Iron&Steel Group Company,Ltd460M³2012.04
Hebei Wenfeng Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd460M³2015.07
Hebei Wenfeng Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd460M³2016.09
Chengde Zhaofeng Steel Group Co.,Ltd450M³2017.02
Jiangyin Huaxi Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2011.09
Hebei Iron & Steel Group Xingtai Longhai Iron And Steel   Co.,Ltd450M³2011.10
Fujian Xinhai Metallurgical Co.,Ltd450M³2011.11
Chifeng Yuanlian United Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2011.12
Sichuan Dazhou Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd450M³2011.12
Julu County Daqiang Machinery Casting Co., Ltd450M³2011.12
Benxi Huasheng Casting Co.,Ltd450M³2012.04
Hebei Tangyin Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2012.06
Wuan Xinghua Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2012.09
Haicheng City Hengsheng Casting Industry Co., LTD450M³2012.09
Tangshan City Fengnan District Jing'an Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2012.11
Jinzhou Jinxing Steel Mills450M³2012.11
Yuxi Xianfu Iron&Steel (Group) Co.,Ltd450M³2012.11
Chifeng Yuanlian United Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2012.11
Chengde Shengfeng Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2012.12
Qiqihaer Beixing Special Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2013.01
Qingdao Yingang Iron Co.,Ltd450M³2013.01
Tangshan Stainless Steel Liability Co., LTD450M³2013.01
Tangshan Medium Plate Co., LTD450M³2013.02
Tangshan Fufeng Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2013.04
Hebei New Wuan Iron & Steel Group Metallurgy Co., LTD450M³2013.06
Xingtai Delong Steel Limited450M³2013.06
Hebei Steel Group (HBIS)Yanshan Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2013.09
Tianjin Tianfeng Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2013.11
Minmetals YingKou Medium Plate Co,Ltd450M³2013.12
Changli Hongxing Industrial Co.,Ltd450M³2014.02
Hebei Qianjin Steel Group Co.,Ltd450M³2014.07
Kuancheng Dacheng Casting Co.,Ltd450M³2014.11
Xingtai Delong Steel Limited450M³2014.11
Yunnan Qujing Iron & Steel Group, Shuangyou Steel Co., LTD450M³2014.12
Kuancheng Dacheng Casting Co.,Ltd450M³2015.03
Hebei Tianzhu Iron&Steel (Group)Co.,Ltd450M³2015.04
Tangshan Songting Iron & Steel Co., Ltd450M³2015.05
Tangshan Antai Iron & Steel Co., Ltd450M³2015.06
Wuan Guangyao Casting Industry Co.,Ltd450M³2015.07
Hebei Xinghua Iron & Steel Co., Ltd450M³2015.07
Fushun Xinfugang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd450M³2015.08
Tangshan Guofeng Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2015.10
Shanxi Hongda Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2015.10
Angang Group Yongtong Ductile Cast Iron Pipe Co., Ltd450M³2015.10
Jiangxi PXSteel Industrial Co.,Ltd450M³2015.10
Hejin Huaxinyuan Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2016.01
Fushun New Fu Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2016.02
Rongxin Group450M³2016.03
Qinhuangdao Baigong Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2016.04
Fengbao Industry450M³2016.04
Kuancheng Dacheng Casting Co.,Ltd450M³2016.04
Shanxi Hongda Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2016.09
Lianyungang Huale Alloy Co.,Ltd450M³2016.10
Ling Yuan Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd450M³2016.10
Linzhou Heavy Machinery Group Co.,Ltd450M³2016.11
Hesteel Group Shisteel Company(Shijiazhuang Iron&Steel   Co.,Ltd)420M³2012.06
Laiyuan County Aoyu Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd420M³2012.11
Fengfeng Hexin Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd420M³2016.06
Yunnan Tonghai Nagu Continuous Casting Industry And Trade Co.,   Ltd.400M³2015.08
Xingtai Jinfeng Ductile iron Technology Co., Ltd380M³2011.12
Fujian Dingxin Nickel Industry Co.,Ltd(FDNC)380M³2012.09
Neiqiu Shunda Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd380M³2013.04
MESCO Steel,India380M³2014.08
Usha Martin Limited(UML),India380M³2015.03
HBIS Chengde Branch380M³2015.07
Hebei Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Chengde Branch370M³2015.03
HBCB International Trade Co.,Ltd350M³2017.05
Fushun New Fu Steel Co.,Ltd350M³2015.07
Liyang Jianxin Iron Making Co.,Ltd350M³2015.07
Tonghai Nagu Strip Casting Industry&Trade Co Ltd320M³2017.03
Ha Tinh Steel Corporation Vietnam300M³2010.05
Wuan City Yongcheng Casting Industry Co.,Ltd300M³2012.12
Benxi Shentie (Group)Co.,Ltd300M³2013.04
Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited300M³2015.10
Rashmi Metaliks Limited300M³2015.10
Shanxi Datong Casting Industry Co., LTD.300M³2016.06
Xingtai Jinfeng Ductile iron Technology Co., Ltd300M³2016.10
Cong Dinh Vu Steel Joint Stock Company230M³2011.08

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