Tianyu Has Resumed Work After Coronavirus Outbreak

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Update time : 2020-03-15 18:30:41

Tianyu Has Resumed Work After Coronavirus Outbreak


Since last week, China's national effort to combat the COVID-19 has ushered in a turning point. Newly confirmed coronavirus cases have kept “zero” for days in many provinces of China. The number in Hubei and Wuhan has also reduced into single digits. Now, all 16 makeshift hospitals have shut down as the last batch of 49 patients walked out of the hospital.

It is reported that as of March 15, 2020,  The three locations of where Tianyu branch offices are located: there are no new confirmed cases in Hebei Province; Liaoning, Benxi government has taken proactive measures by sending two working groups at Shenyang and Dalian airports to achieve a point to point shuttle service for the persons coming back to Benxi city; In Zhejiang province with 4 new confirmed cases among which all are transferred-in from abroad the local number has been kept in 0 for 23 consecutive days. On the other hand, to face the increased risk of the new cases travel into China, the Beijing Capital International Airport has opened a specific area for flights from countries of the central of pandemic. There are a total of 62 temperature testing points inside the entire airport which can ensure 100% percent of passengers and staff can be tested.

However, the situation stabilized in China doesn’t mean that the risk of the epidemic has been completely eliminated, hence necessary prevention and control measures are still being implemented. In order to ensure the safety of both the employees and business partners of Tianyu, since the outbreak of COVID-19 , the company's management team has continued to pay great attention to the trend of the epidemic in the regions where Tianyu's branches are located. As of now, none of Tianyu's employees have been confirmed as  COVID-19 cases or suspicious cases. With the guidance of the local government, the company has approved to resume work and production on February 18, and the daily output has reached 80% of the original level. After returning to work, Tianyu will still strictly implement the requirements to avoid the spreading of the epidemic while the production is operated as normal. Let’s work together to fight the coronavirus, Tianyu is looking forward to seeing you again!

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