Inspector of Russia Customer Visited Tianyu

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Update time : 2019-11-08 10:28:46

Inspector of Russia Customer Visited Tianyu

Recently, Mr. Roman as a quality inspection representative on behalf of Russian customer visited Tianyu. The main purpose of visit is to review the finished product of cast iron stave cooler as well as the brick work on the cooling staves.

In order to check as many staves as possible during the visit, Mr. Roman together with Tianyu staff arranged a strict time schedule of the days which is the start to work at 6 am and finish the work after dinner of 9 pm. Tianyu staff including the managers, technicians, and workers all arranged their work followed the schedule. That’s everyone’s effort to make the tough work done with satisfaction. During the work Mr. Roman's earnestness and dedication as admirable. Finally, after a comprehensive review of the stave cooler produced at Tianyu, Mr. Roman expressed his recognition and satisfaction with the quality of Tianyu stave cooler, as well as the company's good organization and quality control system. Tianyu always holds a welcome attitude to the seriousness of the customer's supervisory staff. Together with the strict quality control from both Tianyu and the customer, all the products delivered by Tianyu keep stable and reliable performance.

This was the first visit by Mr. Roman and he expressed a strong wish to have more opportunities to work with Tianyu in the near future.