Cooling Stave

Item No.: 008
Cooling Staves are applied to body parts of the blast furnace. Such as tuyere area, furnace belly, furnace bosh, furnace body, etc. They can protect the blast furnace effectively, extending their working life.

TYMC offers several cast iron grades, EN GJL 150-250, EN GJS 450-10, EN GJS 400-18. Each one is suitable for a different part on the blast furnace shelf. With cold bending cooling pipe cast-in the stave body, the stave cooler can face complex working conditions inside the blast furnace.

The useful life of the stave coolers reaches more than 15 years thanks to the care from the TYMC team in the conception and manufacturing of the product.  The know-how allowed us to equip more than 300 blast furnaces in the world.

Our customers :
Primetals technologies limited
Arcelor Mittal 
Ural Steel(Russia)
Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK)
Azovstal Iron and steelworks(Ukraine)
Cast Iron Stave Cooler, Water-Cooling Converter Mouth, Cast Iron Tuyere Cooler, Cast Copper Tuyere Cooler, Chequer Supports, Cast Iron Water Jaket


1 The advanced and reliable stokehole composition control and balling processing technology(the balling inoculation processing station), so that the materials can reach the design requirement accurately;

2 All the test items are tested with advanced inspection equipment, which shows the actual quality level of products, and the test report is issued.