Chequer supports

Item No.: 005
for hot stoves

The blast furnace is a crucial component of ironmaking, used to convert iron ore into iron. To achieve this, the hot stove preheats the air that is fed into the blast furnace. The hot stove includes a chequer support, which is a cast iron component that provides support for checker bricks arranged in a checkerboard pattern. This arrangement facilitates efficient heat transfer, and the chequer support is designed to withstand high temperatures and thermal stresses.
The chequer support system of a blast furnace typically includes columns, girders, grids, shoes, and refractory components, which can vary according to customer design. At Tianyu, we provide a full set of quality documents based on technical specifications and conduct a trial assembly at our factory to ensure level requirements are met. We also use a clear marking system to facilitate easier installation at customer plants.
Our chequer supports have gained a reputation for reliable quality and excellent customer service among our internal clients, with products delivered to clients in the US, India, Germany, Ukraine, and Southeast Asia. Our clients include Primetals Technologies, Danieli, Sinosteel, and CISDI.

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