Tianyu product professional Terms Chinese vs English comparison table

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Tianyu product professional Terms Chinese vs English comparison table
V.04.2022/ 2022 4 月版
Editor: Sun Haonan Tong Yang
编写人员:孙浩男 童阳
       编制说明:本文件是基于天宇公司对接国际客户相关技术文件后由天宇工作人员自己总结整理,用于内部工作使用。由于不同国家、地区,不同 公司技术人员对术语的使用习惯及理解略有偏差,本文件无法覆盖目前世界各个国家及地区全部相关产品的习惯用语,因此本文件在术语覆盖方面有 局限性。实际项目使用中请根据与客户的沟通内容再次确认翻译是否准确。本文仅供参考,不作为商业合同及技术资料的责任依据。如有不足欢迎业 内人士参与讨论及完善。请将您的宝贵意见发送至邮箱
    Compilation instructions: This document is based on the technical documents related to international customersand is summarized by Tianyu staff, using as internal tool. Due to the deviations in the usage habits and understanding of terms by technical professionals across different companies, in different countries or regions, this document can not cover the idioms of all related products worldwide. Thus this document has its limite in terms of terminology coverage. During actual project please reconfirm whether the translation is accurate according to the communication content with the customers. This article is for reference only and is not the basis for liabilities for commercial contracts and technical specifications. Any advices from industry professionals  which can contribute to the improvement of this document will be highly appreciated.
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第一部分 冷却壁术语
Part II Hot Stove Chequer Support
Cooling Stave/stave cooler/ cast iron stave cooler/cooling wall 冷却壁(冷却壁的英文不同叫法)
Cooling Pipe/ water cooling pipe/ water pipe 水管(水管、冷却管的英文不同叫法)
Protection Pipe/Tube 护套管
Refractory Brick/ Refractory 耐火砖/耐材
Dovetail Groove /groove 燕尾槽/砖槽
Seamless Pipes 无缝管
Thermocouple Pipe 热电偶管
Thermocouple (TC) 热电偶
Bushing 铸入螺母
Fixing Bolt 固定螺栓
Boss/Lug 凸台
Touching The Shell Lug 接触炉壳的凸台
Free Lug 不接触炉壳的凸台
Lifting Lug 吊环
Attached Test Blocks(bar)/ cast-on test block(bar) / 附铸试块
Side-by -side test blocks(bar) 并排试块
Separate test block(bar) 单铸试块
Anti-carburization Coating 防渗碳涂层
Cold Face 冷面
1Hot Face 热面
Blast Furnace 高炉
Nitrogen Purging 氮气填充
Carburization 渗碳

第二部分 炉箅子术语
Part II Hot Stove Chequer Suppor
Hot stove 热风炉
Trial Assembly 预组装
Heat Treatment 热处理
Chequer Support 炉箅子系统(指全套炉箅子含支柱、托梁、箅子等相关组件)
Column 支柱
Levelling Tap Bolt 调平螺丝
Shim 垫片
Girder 托梁
Grid 箅子
Shoes 导流板
Shoes Without Tongue 不带铁边的导流板
Shoes With Tongue 带铁边的导流板
Cut edge (导流板)切边
Stainless Steel 不锈钢
Countersunk 沉头
Spare 备件
Dimension 尺寸
Tolerance 公差
Length 长度
Width 宽度
Thickness 厚度
Height 高度
2Weight 重量
Centerline 中心线
Flatness 平整度
Radio 半径
Diameter 直径
Outer Diameter 外径
Inner Diameter 内径
Nominal Diameter 标称直径
Parallel 平行
Vertical 垂直
Parallelism 平行度
Verticality 垂直度
Roundness 圆度
Tightness 气密性
Thread 螺纹
Cast Iron 铸铁
Spherical Graphite Cast Iron 球墨铸铁
Cracks 裂纹
Pits 凹坑
Blowhole 气孔
Cold Shut 冷隔
Hot Tear 热裂
Slag 夹渣
Chaplet 芯撑
Oxidation 氧化
Knock-Out Temperature 开箱温度
Machining 机加工
Sand Blasting 喷砂
3Drilling 钻孔
Taping 攻丝
Thermal 热的
Pearlite 珠光体
Tensile Test 拉伸试验
Bending Rupture Stress 弯曲断裂应力
Tensile Rupture Stress 拉伸断裂应力
Tensile Strength 抗拉强度
Yield Strength 屈服强度
Elongation (rate) 伸长(率)
Sample 样品
Ambient Temperature 环境温度(室温)
Chemical Analysis 化学分析
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