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The chequer support by Tianyu for a steel company in the United States has been successfully installed

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Update time : 2021-08-05 15:18:40

    The project is a hot stove renovation project for a large steel company in the United States. The general contracting was designed by Primetals Technologies, and the key components of chequer support were produced at the Tianyu factory. The project has been installed and successfully passed the acceptance.  

  Primetals Technologies' predecessor was Siemens VAI, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is an internationally renowned metallurgical technology company with a history of more than 60 years. Starting to establish business relationship with Tianyu in 2019.

  Tianyu began to produce hot blast stove grates in 2020 and has successively delivered 6 international projects for hot blast stove grates, which are distributed in the United States, Germany, India and other countries.


Tianyu chequer support finished product


    In this production process, Tianyu has overcome numerous difficulties, only to deliver the products smoothly. Every employee of the company participating in the project actively cooperates and strives for excellence in details.

Tianyu internal inspection


      In the production process of this project, Tianyu strictly follows the technical requirements of Prime and other technical requirements, and strictly controls the production schedule and product process inspection. According to customer requirements, Tianyu needs to send the test bars of the castings to the British laboratory for re-inspection. The experimental results are almost the same as Tianyu's own experimental report, and finally passed the acceptance by Prime.

British laboratory and Tianyu inspection report

The chequer support assembly inspection


       Tianyu will continue to provide high-quality metallurgical cooling equipment and services for domestic and foreign steel companies, and win the trust of customers with reliable products and services.

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