New Type Water-Cooling Converter Mouth

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Update time : 2016-05-20 10:33:35

           New Type Water-Cooling Converter Mouth





TYMCC has specialized manufacturing converter mouths for more than 20 years. Continuous innovation is the root of enterprise development.We established metallurgical cooling equipment technology R&D center and founded working condition lab.Worked closely with famous domestic metallurgic colleges and universities, designing institutes and iron &steel companies,upgrading technology and developing new products.
Ferrous Metallurgy Industrial Standard <<Cast Iron Water-Cooling Lip For Converter>>(YB/T4498-2015)drafted by TYMCC was approved and released by the Ministry of Industry and Informatization.This standard was carried out on January 1st,2016.
We manufacture converter mouths of buried pipe casting construction.Our R&D staff visited many steel companies, interviewed and investigated the working condition of converter mouths and problems in use.After many years of practical experience accumulated,we have original views about the key links that the physical design of water-cooling converter mouth, material selection, manufacturing technique, after-treatment,testing,etc.At present,there are more than 200 sets of converters use our converter mouths.Under the condition of normal use and maintain,the working life of our converter mouths will stably keep 12000 heats or more.The longest working life exceed 20000 heats.

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