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A New Automatic Pipe Bending System Put into Production with another Tianyu Patent

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Update time : 2020-04-29 12:56:36

The Automatic pipe bending machine is a new patent developed by Tianyu. It significantly improved bending accuracy and ball passing rate to the cooling pipe and reduced the chances of injure to the pipe during operation. Besides the above features, it is safer and easier to use which can give the workers more protection and benefits from higher efficiency.




The Hydraulic Transmission function can output large thrust or torque and can realize low-speed large-tonnage movement, which is an outstanding advantage that other transmission methods cannot compare.


Speed Regulation


The hydraulic transmission can easily achieve step-less speed regulation, the range of speed adjustments is larger, and the speed can even be regulated during the system operation.




Under the same power conditions, the hydraulic drive is smaller in size, lighter in weight and more compact in structure. Hydraulic components can be connected by pipe or integrated, which benefits the layout, and installation with more flexibility. Thus, it can be used in a more complex system which is difficult to form in other transmission methods.





Hydraulic transmission can make the movement of the execution component very uniform and stable. Therefore, there is no shift impact when moving parts are changed. And because of its rapid reaction speed, it can achieve a frequent change of direction. All bring the system a great feature of finishing more complex cooling pipes with even higher efficiency.




The precise control by the computer makes the operation of the pipe bending equipment follow designed standards. Each time the bent workpiece can meet the requirements as needed by drawings on the basis of ensuring the ball passing rate, it can achieve one-time bending without heat adjustment and greatly improves work efficiency. At the same time, it can provide more accurate parts for the manufacture of cooling staves.

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